«When you’re tired of being alone, when you still can’t sleep, when it’s tough, lean on the rythm with our songs for you.» A compilation of songs that will make you feel awesome (and colorful!) LISTEN ★~(◕‿◕✿)

01. Always Love
02. Ready or not
03. Real
04. Beautiful
05. Dazzling Girl
06. Kiss you
07. A-Yo
08. Colorful
Bonus Track: Cho Yong Pil’s Bon Voyage (SHINee’s live cover)

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gd’s video message response to haru because she once asked tablo if she could buy gd

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 Hongbin and his dimples lol (/^▽^)/ 


Omg I’m soooo happy, finally i’m gonna buy this bag!! AGHH ♥

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when ur battling ice type pokemon


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Baro is talking about how grateful to Jinyoung and CNU hyung

kimjongdaeofficial asked: misconceptions of me (why so serious) or misconceptions of you (dream girl)?

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